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Specific learning objectives:


Know the muscles of the upper facial third, as well
such as the anatomical marking of injection sites
of toxin / BOTOXPEPTIDES in the frontal, glabellar, periorbital areas, brow lift, brow lift.


Baby botox how does it work?


Baby Botox is a new way of administering botulinum toxin, which is gaining more and more popularity, especially among young people. It consists of placing a very small amount of botoks using the Bio Nano-Needle technique, small and shallow (in the classic version, few places are injected and the doses are much higher).


  • In practice, this technique is very similar to mesotherapy, which is why the term "mesobotoks" can often be found. Thanks to the fact that the procedure uses much smaller doses of the toxin than with classic botox, we achieve the effect of refreshing and relaxing the skin, without the risk of “freezing” facial expressions.

  • The baby botox technique consists of minimizing the visibility of mimic lines (for example, lion's wrinkles or crow's feet), which give the face a tired or too sharp expression. After the treatment, the face looks very natural, although the skin is much more relaxed and smoother, and the muscles remain almost completely mobile. The procedure itself takes several minutes and does not cause undesirable post-treatment effects. Immediately after Botoxpepetides,botulinum toxin administration, small bruises may appear at the puncture sites.

Online course

USD $ 690

Classroom course

USD $ 1200



This course requires a non-refundable deposit of $ 250.


Your $ 250 deposit will be applied to your ending balance, which is due 48 hours before class.

The final balance must be paid in full. We accept cash or credit.




All course deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferable.


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