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Masters EOne Clinic Institute

Dr. Ariana Lara

Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (809-333-8909) Official Distribution: Exclusive Distributor MesoBiotiX + E One Clinic Institute Services ®

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Dr. Lara Schilling

Location: Atlanta (USA) and Dominican Republic. Medical Master: Aesthetic and paramedical medicine in the US, LATAM and Europe. Official Distributor: MesoBiotiX + E One Clinic Institute Services ® + 1 (786) 5057990

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Join our dealer team today! 

Dermatological care Mesobiotix Cosmecetical

Do you want to start a business with a profitable and good quality product? If you are in the area of aesthetic medicine, with care products  Mesobiotix you can have the opportunity of your life; Increase the confidence of your patients thanks to a brand that guarantees satisfaction wherever you go.

Anti-aging and skincare technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, making

more and more people worry about having fresh and cared skin.

So today is the perfect time to meet those needs, and there is no better way to do it than with Mesobiotix Cosmeceutical products.

Mesobiotix Cosmeceutica: a weapon against aging

The passage of time and environmental factors are unpredictable; But that doesn't mean we can't take action. Mesobiotix Cosmeceutica puts in your hands dermatologically tested formulations to combat the course of aging,

spots, loss of collagen and redness for the skin.

With an entire dedication to respond to the dermatological needs of the public; Mesobiotix treatments have

a wide market and a stable presence, thanks to its quality and proven effectiveness.

Mesobiotix Cosmeceutica Products

The demand for good quality cosmetic products today is greater than ever; so today is the perfect opportunity for professional entrepreneurs. 

In this brand, we look for aesthetic doctors, offices and clinics in the area of aesthetics, for the distribution of products

of Mesobiotix dermatological care. With a minimal investment you can increase your income and offer your patients the most reliable treatments on the market.

If you want to be able to ratify yourself in your area, Mesobiotix Cosmeceutical is for you. So what are you waiting for? Join our worldwide dealer team today!

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