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Pigment-free stretch mark reconstruction


New camouflage technique and stretch mark reconstruction without pigments. Now it is possible with the revolutionary protocol created after a long time of research, with a unique product on the market and with our technique, we can finally treat those stretch marks that annoy our end users so much. The technique is worked with our professional PMU device and star product created specifically for this protocol ESTRIA OFF.




  • Skin anatomy

  • What is a stretch mark and when it is camouflaged with pigments

  • Principles Used in Cosmetology

  • Hygiene and asepsis

  • Pre and post treatment

  • Work zones

  • Combination with other treatments

  • Client Preparation

  • Contraindications

  • PMU and microneedling

  • Work protocol

  • Practices

Our protocol is a perfect combination of a specific peel to treat stretch marks combined with Off Stretch Marks and a cream with stimulated growth factors. What makes this treatment a success in just a few sessions. 4 to 8 sessions will be necessary depending on each case and skin type


It is a semi-permanent procedure, which is performed by means of a microneedle technique, where it is intended to improve the texture of stretch marks and scars, entering natural agents into the skin to promote the production of elastic and collagens. It should be clarified that this procedure is carried out without pigment.



Online course

Theoretical + demo + protocols through online platform

$ 300

Classroom course

Protocols - Theory - Practice on patients:

$ 900

Direct connection with the master: 3 hours / Didactic material and videos of the practice accessible on the online platform E One Clinic Institute.
Course includes international certificate E One Clinic Institute.

Course includes international certificate E One Clinic Institute. Includes starter kit:
• Estria OFF Solution + Luxpeel Peeling + Hyaluronic Acid
• Professional MTS device • Cartridges

Success is our motivation


E ONE CLINIC INSTITUTE, as an industry leader, has knowledge and experience unmatched by its competitors. With this experience we offer companies and consumers the innovative and quality products they are looking for.

In addition, we ensure that we are always at the forefront of the industry with the most advanced technology. No matter what you need, you can always be sure of getting the best option from us. Keep exploring the site and get to know all the products.


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