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Peeling Its main function is to treat acne and its sequelae and scars. The peeling consists of a deep facial cleansing in which the superficial layers of the skin are exfoliated. Soon, the skin begins to regenerate its cells and the skin appears natural, smooth and clean. In addition, wrinkles are reduced. Luminous Peeling of Vitamin C with Flash effect In a single session repairs the epidermis obtaining a smooth and glowing skin immediately. Ideal for showing off a splendid complexion at weddings or other special events.

Chemical Peeling



Body treatments are a way to take care of your body without surgery. This option is generally chosen to improve the silhouette or treat cellulite, localized fat and flaccidity problems, although they are also the best way to relieve the body of stress.

Exfoliation The best way to show off a cared and nourished skin is to exfoliate it to remove dead cells and give yourself a good hydration. With this, what you want to achieve is to give the skin everything it needs, nourishing it from the deepest layers.

Pressotherapy It consists of a treatment that must be carried out in a specialized center that has machinery for it. The purpose is to improve blood circulation. It serves to alleviate the effect of tired legs and helps reduce cellulite. Firming It consists of showing off a toned figure. They are products that help improve the elasticity and firmness of our skin.

The ideal is to apply them with a small massage on our skin

Radiofrequency Helps to firm and tone the skin more effectively. Helps rejuvenation of the skin, to make it softer, brighter and smoother.

Cavitation Reshapes the body and especially focuses on reducing cellulite and reducing volume. This treatment is usually accompanied by a massage to find out where the accumulated fat is located.

Thermotherapy It consists of the application of heat, which generates an increase in internal body temperature. Among its benefits is the reduction of cholesterol and the level of fat and reduction of volume and weight. All of them help to have a more cared for skin and to show a smoother body, trying to eliminate accumulated fat. It consists of keeping the skin hydrated, firming and toning it with specific treatments. Fortunately, there are numerous techniques to combat these problems. With which you stay?

Online course

$ 700

Classroom course

$ 1000



This course requires a non-refundable deposit of $ 250.

Your $ 250 deposit will be applied to your ending balance, which is due 48 hours before class.

The final balance must be paid in full. We accept cash or credit.




All course deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferable.



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